An educational pastime, in collaboration with Todd Disotell, following the path of the scientists who tried to compile the catalog of human races.

Most of us are pretty sure they can figure out a person's origin from the person's aspect. As a matter of fact, it does not seem so hard to tell who comes from Asia, Europe or Africa in the city streets.

But is it really so? Or are things a bit more complicated, in fact? Here is a way to discover it.

To take the race test, you need two or more teams, but teams of one are perfectly ok. In the RacetestEN1 file you will find the numbered pictures of 44 persons, coming from all over the world. Each team will have to cluster the pictures based on the biological resemblance among individuals, specifying the criterion they are following (e.g., dark skin, thin eyes, small nose, smooth hair, etc.). At the end, the teams compare their classifications, so as to see if they reached similar or different conclusions.

In the RacetestEN2 file you will find information about the origin of the people you classified and some comments on the results you will have obtained.

 You can also download a form to write down your results.

A pdf file with a schematic view of the evolution of human biodiversity